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Connecting Imagination to Monetization Workshop

Tephra Miriam’s Connecting Imagination to Monetization Workshop is a hands-on experience that can be customized for all ages that will bring wonder to where you are.

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Apocalyptic City

Workshop Themes

  • Worldbuilding 

    • The art of worldbuilding is to weave the threads of imagination into a tapestry that transports us beyond the boundaries of our mundane existence. It is an invitation for both creator and beholder alike to embark on a boundless journey through realms yet unknown, where breathtaking landscapes unfold beneath vibrant skies and ancient civilizations breathe life anew. 

    • In this session, we tackle worldbuilding in a fictional and literal sense in terms of architecting mental, spiritual, and physical realities.

  • Entrepreneurship

    • Architecting any business requires fostering curiosity about how industries move forward. 

    • Participants will practice connecting the dots through a series of reflection exercises and prompts. 

  • Turning Dreams Into Reality

    • Execution matters when it comes to bringing things to life. Time management and project management become even more important if you lack resources. 

    • Yet, your ingenuity is a powerful tool to take what we are passionate about and turn it into a lucrative career.

Surreal Monster
Fantasy World

Prompts/Main Points

  • As you look at everything in this room,  think about the business side and each element that goes into creating all that you see. What do you observe? How is it made and presented to you? 

  • We don’t often have time or permission to play, but in this workshop, give yourself permission to. 

  • Connecting imagination to monetization is the art of turning your wildest dreams into food on your table, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head.

Apocalyptic City

Breakout Stations

  • Storyboarding: Attendees can gather around a mega-sized storyboard that serves as a colorful example and idea starter. They will then leverage the power of collaboration to start building their own storyboards.

  • Worldbuilding: Another giant example will be a central point for participants to see and draw ideas from in real-time. A worldbuilding worksheet will also be provided to help them begin to craft their world. 

  • Brainstorming and Creativity Hub: A central point filled with fun manipulatives related to Tephra's stories will fill the space. This is where attendees can gather to think, laugh, play, and brainstorm ideas while exploring the eye-catching display.

  • Business Planning: Participants will be given a budget of $5,000 to publish their first book and will need to work together to create a budget to get all of the sub-projects done. 

  • Storytelling: In the story circle, participants will be able to read alongside Tephra and dig into character and worldbuilding elements as they journey through different stories. 

  • Free Book Fair: Attendees will shop a FREE book fair and come away with books and swag to take home. 

College Students
Art Class

Core Materials

  • Sensory learning objects and manipulatives

  • Media station

  • Art & vision board creator kits

  • Bookstore station

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