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A message from Tephra...
"I firmly believe that stories have the power to change the world. In order to rise above poverty, destitution, segregation, bias, and prejudice we have to have a vision to hold on to like the rising of the sun. My hope is that my writing helps those who have no opportunity, see the world of possibilities.”

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January, 2019

Don’t miss this action-packed fantasy thriller for tweens, teens and young adults that is so much more than just a story!

‘Escape to Clown Town’ lives, breathes and fearlessly tells a coming-of-age tale of a young girl that is swept up in a journey that is bigger than she ever imagines. It inspires those who read it to dream big and overcome adversity. It has a diverse melting pot of characters that mirrors the world we live in, which forces us to reflect on society. This new breed of writing that embraces innocence and fearlessly tackles the true meaning of evil. Inspired by the old works of Tolkien, Lewis and Jane Austen, it throws itself into an exquisitely crafted universe that successfully marries the whimsicality of fantasy with an in-depth look at good versus evil. 

Book 1


April, 2019

The adventure continues in book 2 of the Clown Town Adventures series. Duchess looked over at the large purple gumdrop running beside her in despair. Her head wouldn’t stop pounding and sweat began to burn her eyes. I must be dreaming, she thought to herself. The sound of General Sharaya’s voice quickly reminded her that she was very much awake, but all Duchess could remember was lying on a hard cement floor in the dark dungeons of Clown Town. Even though Duchess finally finds out the truth about the nature of Jax and the clowns, one true friend comes to her rescue and the journey to Pearl City begins.

Book 2

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The Legend of the Star Scrolls


Don't miss book 3 in the Clown Town Adventures series! The Legend of the Star Scrolls is a collection of letters, stories, and scrolls that were assembled by Polus in the age of the council of Crepesculum. Learn the history of the universe from the words of the great celestials, Lords, and teachers of the thirteen realms.

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Escape to Clown Town - Book Trailer

Escape to Pearl City - Book Trailer

The Mission

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For the Wee One's

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Join Zuwena on her first adventure in...


An out of this world whimsical, colorful and rhyming tale that encourages a big imagination, silliness and all things FUN! Join Zuwena as she faces her greatest enemy with the help of her friends.

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